Spring on Beaver Island

Wondering what Beaver Island looked like a dew days ago, well here you go.  A short video from our friends Mark and Laura from Flat Tail Furs, yes the same people that make the one of a kind beaver beer koozies.

Blown out update

The first 3 pictures are all of Upper Branch Landing on the Pere Marquette and were all taken in the afternoon on 3 consecutive days of our flood. You can see that the water is feet from where it started after day one of the flood.

They say it may actually reach an all time record, we’ll see in a few days.

The 4th picture is also of Upper Branch Landing, showing the canoe landing side. You might see that the canoe rack has just entered the main stream and is about to float away.

Shots 5 and 6 are of Lower Branch Bridge, take note that the water is hitting the Bridge! My favorite though is of the rapids through the trees in the last photo.

We drove to Baldwin for dinner and up there anyway the river appears to have now creasted and has receded a few inches.


Blown Out

The little PM River is a lot bigger after our area received 3-7 inches of rain in the past 36 hours. The first picture is from Sunday afternoon at Upper Branch Bridge on the Pere Marquette after it had rained all night.

The water was already high, then by Sunday morning it was really high. Sunday started with birds singing and the sun shining and ended up being a beautiful day. Then the rain started again about sunset and kept going until morning.

The second picture is again from Upper Branch Bridge 24 hours later. In the first picture take note of the first post with the rock, because in the second picture that post is gone. My guess is that the PM went up about 4 feet in a day and remember it was already really high before it came up 4 more feet.


biggest steelhead so far

Boated a pig today, the biggest in my boat so far this spring. He was super thick and measured 35 inches, I guessed him at 16 pounds.

Great fish and it made for one very happy fisherman.