Post from the Past- Winter Swing

After swinging up several nice steelhead yesterday it seemed like a perfect idea to replay a steelhead streamer video.

Winter Swing from Third Coast Fly on Vimeo.

In-Fisherman on the PM

Doug and Jeremy from In-Fisherman headed over to catch steelhead on some of my big flashy jigs. A high pressure system had us locked into blue skies with not even a hint of clouds, great weather for fisherman but not the recipe for hot steelheading.

We pounded the water for the first day and a half with a couple nice steelhead in the net. Then for no explainable reason, in the middle of the afternoon, a group of eager fresh fish moved into our area and we put several more in the net. The last one of the day being a great fighter, actually making us give chase downstream.

Credit should be given to Gabe Hillebrand and our very own Steve Martinez who put me onto this techniques several years ago. If you haven’t fished big streamers for steelhead, it’s a lot of fun. Unlike drifting flies or fishing a crank bait or spinner, you have complete control over the depth and action of your jig. Swimming jigs is probably most like swinging streamers. There is so much feel with the braided line that we could often feel the difference between a pike or steelhead hit, sometimes not setting the hook if we were sure it was a pike.

morlock steelhead jigin fisherman on the pere marquette

The leaves are off the trees and the frost is on the windshield and the steelhead fishing on the PM River has clicked another notch. I wouldn’t say that it is great but certainly a solid “okay”, bordering on good.

I haven’t thrown anything but eggs but did work an outing recently with another guide that is top-notch when it comes to streamers. They had little success swinging but we got into fish on eggs. It looks like everything is late this fall so maybe the steelhead just aren’t off the egg bite yet.

The river is a little below average and getting pretty clear again.

20151026-michigan fall steelhead 111015


20151027-fly fishing fall steelhead 111015

20151102-pere marquette fall steelhead 111015

A Nod to G. Loomis

During a moment of frustration a while ago on Beaver Island I horsed a carp with a little too much gusto and in the process snapped a customer’s favorite G. Loomis 9 weight. Thinking of the old saying, “It isn’t the mistake that matters, it’s how you recover that make a difference”, I insisted on handling the rod return.

Other than having plenty of Loomis rods in and out of my boat over the years, I have never owned one. Having no experience with the company I filled out the proper web form, put the rod in a tube and shipped it off. In just over a week there was a new rod on my doorstep.

Props to the G. Loomis customer care. Efficient and hassle free warranty service is very much appreciated.

20151009-g. loomis fly rod 11215