Baby Salmon, Yummy

Spring in some of west Michigan’s rivers that have wild salmon, like the Pere Marquette, is a time of an often overlooked hatch. From mid April through May, these rivers can be stuffed with clouds of salmon fry. A look along the shoreline will often reveal dozens of these 1-1 1/2″ baby salmon.

Everything loves to eat these little guys, so I always have some in my steelhead box for drifting with an egg. If that gym sock sized streamer isn’t turning any spring trout, tie on a fry pattern, it will often turn your day around.

The other fly is the Alevin Martinez, you can get the recipe here on the Indigo site.

My Baby Salmon Fly:
Hook… Daiichi 1530, size 6 or 8
Tail and Body… Flashabou Mirage, 3005 opal
Wing… natural mallard
Head Base… built up black thread
Gill Accent… red thread
Head Finish… your favorite head hardener


morlocks baby salmon michigan salmon smolt fly

This past week showed the best steelhead fishing of the year. It also had the highest water, over the banks for a day or two. Fish numbers were down today, though I’m guessing and hoping that a big pile of steelhead are heading up stream following this high water.

The water is a little high with color in the Flies Only section. Walhalla is still high with a lot of color and sand.

Steelhead have been jumping in the net with about everything in their mouths, you gotta love high colored water. Top fly choices being orange and pink eggs, anything that looks somewhat like a smolt, small black stones and Ted’s HealthCare Caddis (I’ll put a post up soon with this one).

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This is a steelhead show we shot last fall. They were great guys, I had a blast fishing with them. You can see more Hook Shots episodes over on their site.

I couldn’t get this video resized to look right but if you go to full screen it’s normal.

First Steelhead

You gotta love that first steelhead and the second, especially when it’s twice as big. Kathy’s success was a direct result of her being an absolute natural at drifting a two handed rod. Kathy’s husband is Ian Anderson from FlyMasters and Warmwater Chronicles.

Pere Marquette Riversteelhead