This summer Austin caught a tagged carp while fishing near Beaver Island, the carp also appeared to have a radio transmitter implanted in its abdomen. Poking around on-line the only carp tagging study I could find was a few years ago on the St. Joseph River.

If you know anything about this carp please let us know (, we’re eager to learn more about this fish.

tagged carp

A Beaver Island Classic

beaver island fly fishing-0531

Two Funky Days on the Island

This is the story of two days on the waters of the Beaver Islands. Day one is where three carp were landed but two were the biggest of the year. Why out of a hundred or more carp that we cast at that day did two pigs decide to jump on our flies?

Day two finds Steve and I scouting and ending up with a situation where we had fifty or so tailing, seemingly perfect, carp to our left and a cruiser every know and then coming up on the shallow right. We perfectly pounded on the trailers and caught nothing, out of desperation I cast to a cruiser on the left and it ate. This was followed by more great presentations to the tailers with no success and a bite from the next cruiser on the right.

This was the same group of fish, the cruisers were simply tailers that would break off and go for a swim along the edge of the pool. So in summary, the feeders would only bite our flies when they stopped feeding, or at least something like that.

big michigan carp fishing beaver island

The weather and fishing for the first week back to Beaver Island has been ok to good. We’ve had some sun that was accompanied by good fishing but for the most part we’ve had clouds, making visibility really tough.

The water is up about another foot from last year, so there’s flooded vegetation above your wader belt, It should make for another interesting season. We’ve spotted some barrel sized carp this year, cannot wait for someone to land one.

The pictures below are the three guides heading to the island on the Emerald Isle, then Austin’s first carp of the year, then my first and then the first customer caught carp of the season.

IMG_3728IMG_3743beaver island carplake michigan carp fishing