Our friend Alex Landeen was kind enough to help us spread the word about a few openings for the CarpTrip.com outings this June. Taking a look at Alex’s site I was reminded of what a great series of posts he put together about his trip. Here is a link that indexes all of Alex’s Beaver Island posts.

We’re sorry that Alex can’t visit us on the island this summer. It means that we’re going to miss out on a thousand good laughs and a ton of great photography.

alex landeen

If you’ve been looking for an article dealing with the history of carp, your in luck. Just take this link over to MidCurrent.


Evan who hosts the Beaver Island outings with CartTrip.com just let me know that he still has a few openings this June. Each year Evan books a block of our best dates for the summer, this year he has three, three day outings scheduled from June 13th through June 22nd.

Visit the CartTrip.com site for more details or to contact Evan with any questions or to schedule a trip.

GREAT BIG MINNOWS from scumliner media on Vimeo.

Now that almost nobody is fishing, the PM received another batch of steelhead and with this weather what a wonderful time to be on the river. I’m afraid that all the rain has just missed us, therefore the river is getting low and clear.

Smolt have maybe been outproducing eggs and Walt reports doing well on Pheasant Tails.

This summer like weather has me thinking that there’s probably some pretty good mousing to be had.

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