Martinez Frankenstein Sculpin

When Cam at The Fiberglass Manifesto was on the island for Beaver Bash 2014 he took photos of Steve and I tying a couple of our new and favorite Beaver Island flies.

Here is the link to Steve’s.

Martinez Frankenstein Sculpin

name that video contest

Austin Green from The Uncommon Angler visited us on Beaver this summer, caught some carp, took a ton of photos and shot a bunch of video. Austin is currently editing the video and has created a contest to give it a name.

You can see all the contest details over at The Uncommon Angler.


Dan Frasier, Editor at CarpPro was part of the all star line-up for Beaver Bash 2014 and included an article about Beaver Island in CarpPro’s latest issue. I liked that Dan made note that Beaver Island is a great family destination, a place where the non-fishing members of your family will be happy to visit while your out enjoying the flats.

Here is the link to Dan’s article.


We were lucky enough to have Matt Smythe of the Fishingpoet blog as part of our Beaver Bash crew. You may also know Matt from his work on the new documentary A Deliberate Life.

Here is a link to Matt’s article it is well worth the read.

Beaver Bash 2014 alex landeen