Salmon fishing on the PM is now the best it has been for 2015. Is this the peak? Probably, but who knows. As is often the case in the fall, water conditions are low and clear. While clear skies don’t bring the rain we want it does make for great fall weather.

Approaching salmon within casting range without them changing their behavior has been our ticket for success. If the salmon start acting different than when you first saw them then your chances or getting a bite are about zero. Our fish in the net are most often the first good drift through.

Yesterday we had the biggest male salmon in the spot swing out after our big dark fly but refuse both times, probably because it was a foot or two too short and then he was done, no interest at all.

If you don’t get bit in the first couple good drifts, give the fish a break and try another fly. The 100th drift with the same flies is only going to get you a foul hooked fish.



Summer had been lingering and following probably the longest run of perfectly comfortable weather I can remember yesterday’s first frosty morning put a chill into the fishermen of the PM, myself included. There was a good rush of fresh salmon at the beginning of the week but the older salmon seem to be dying at about the same rate as new arrivals.

A day of rain has the level up and has pushed in some color which is good as the low and clear water had been making for some challenging conditions. In the upper river it had been especially tough, leaving anglers struggling to get close enough to make a presentation without spooking the fish.

So that’s good.

Also good:
A few steelhead have arrived. Those spunky little 3 to 5 pounders that are always the first to make an appearance.

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“Kevin, your carp breakfast fly has done wonders for my fishing the last few weeks.”



Good to hear, Luis!

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Black Magic

Anyone who has spent a day with me fly fishing Michigan salmon know that I have a definite thing for black Wooly Buggers with just the right amount of flash.

We were on a nice bite a few days ago. A day which was way too hot and sunny for anything good to be happening in the salmon world. I had my customer throwing an egg and Bugger combination and though we landed several salmon on that black Bugger two were special.

Special in that they inhabited shallow water clear enough to watch the fly as it drifted and swung and in two different spots during our float these salmon rushed forward and woofed down that black intruder. On that warm sunny day the light was perfect and we watched those fish eat as one would on a high-definition television.

One of the greatest things about fishing is encountering the unexpected and on what should have been a very plain and ordinary day I think you could say we were blessed with a little Black Magic.

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