Two Funky Days on the Island

This is the story of two days on the waters of the Beaver Islands. Day one is where three carp were landed but two were the biggest of the year. Why out of a hundred or more carp that we cast at that day did two pigs decide to jump on our flies?

Day two finds Steve and I scouting and ending up with a situation where we had fifty or so tailing, seemingly perfect, carp to our left and a cruiser every know and then coming up on the shallow right. We perfectly pounded on the trailers and caught nothing, out of desperation I cast to a cruiser on the left and it ate. This was followed by more great presentations to the tailers with no success and a bite from the next cruiser on the right.

This was the same group of fish, the cruisers were simply tailers that would break off and go for a swim along the edge of the pool. So in summary, the feeders would only bite our flies when they stopped feeding, or at least something like that.

big michigan carp fishing beaver island

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