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Southern Culture On the Fly– Beaver Bombin’

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

David Grossman from Southern Culture On the Fly visited Beaver Island this summer. David is one of the most unique people I’ve ever meet, so it makes sense that he wrote the most unique fishing article I’ve ever read. Do Steve, Austin and I really sound like this? I hope so, I like it.

The excellent photos are by Alex Landeen who was also on the trip.

Here is a link to the latest issue of Southern Culture On the Fly that includes the Beaver Bombin’ article that starts on page 107.

David is a fun guy to hang out with on or off the water and already has his 2017 Beaver Island trip on the books, we can’t wait to see what happens next summer.


News and Things – The Big Smalls of Michigan

Monday, October 26th, 2015

From Michigan DNR-

Smallmouth bass state record broken by catch from Hubbard Lake

record-bass-small_originalPrevious state record had stood since 1906
Greg Gasiciel with his state-record smallmouth bass (Oct 2015)The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has confirmed a new state-record catch for smallmouth bass. This marks the sixth state-record fish caught so far in 2015.

The existing state record for smallmouth bass was broken Sunday by Greg Gasiciel of Rhodes, Michigan. Gasiciel was bait-casting with a green grub when he landed a 9.33-pound, 24.50-inch smallmouth bass from Hubbard Lake in Alcona County.

The record was verified by Kathrin Schrouder, a DNR fisheries biologist in Bay City.

“This is additional evidence that Michigan truly has world-class bass fisheries,” said Jim Dexter, Department of Natural Resources Fisheries chief. “Smallmouth bass is one of the most popular, most sought-after sportfish in North America. Even though the Michigan state record stood for more than 100 years, we’re excited to see the bar set even higher for those who set out to land this iconic fish.”

The previous state record for smallmouth bass was set back in 1906 with a 9.25-pound, 27.25-inch fish taken from Long Lake in Cheboygan County. Records show this fish was caught by W.F. Shoemaker.

State records are recognized by weight only. To qualify for a state record, fish must exceed the current listed state-record weight and identification must be verified by a DNR fisheries biologist.

So, yeah. Lunk status.

Also, for anyone playing around with Smallmouth in Lake Michigan, especially in the Beaver Island area check for DNR tags:

Central Michigan University (CMU) and the DNR have been tagging smallmouth bass in the Beaver Island Archipelago since 2005, at Waugoshance Point (Wilderness State Park) since 2009, and in parts of Grand Traverse Bays since 2014. Anglers are asked to report the whereabouts of these tagged smallmouth bass by providing information on capture, capture location and tag number to the DNR via If anglers release tagged fish, please do not remove the tag and just report the requested information on the website as indicated.

Am I the only one itching for a little SMB action?

beaver island smallmouth

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

An interesting article on the Outdoor Life web site about Beaver Island’s smallmouth. The article relates the ecological changes to Lake Michigan over the past forty years and how this may be affecting the islands bass. Here is a link to the Outdoor Life article, Why Great Lakes Smallmouths Are Growing Larger Than Ever.

beaver island smallmouth bass-2912

Martinez Frankenstein Sculpin

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

When Cam at The Fiberglass Manifesto was on the island for Beaver Bash 2014 he took photos of Steve and I tying a couple of our new and favorite Beaver Island flies.

Here is the link to Steve’s.

Martinez Frankenstein Sculpin