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Pere Marquette fishing report- June 18th

Friday, June 18th, 2010

No News Update Friday. The fishing was too good yesterday.

The fishing has been very good on the entire Pere Marquette system. From the bottom to the top, that’s how we roll. We started things off yesterday morning testing Steve’s new prop on his carp boat on Pere Marquette Lake, the mouth of the PM. He leaves for Beaver Island next week to join Kevin for the rest of the summer and the new prop is a big improvement. We jumped right up on plane and ripped across the lake even with 800 pounds of beautiful man meat on board. Yes, beautiful man meat. Of course this wasn’t just a joy ride, we had to probe the weed beds and drop offs with big Clousers for an hour or two as well. Caught a mess of little pike, a few nice smallmouth and a big bonus perch. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day to be on the lake.

At 3pm we headed up to float the lower river for pike and put a few nice fish in the boat stripping big Clousers out of the slack water close to the banks.

Then around 8pm we walked the trail and braved the swamp for what promised to be a very good Hex hatch. The hatch was good, but the fish never really got going. We still managed to pick up a couple 12″ fish and played with the big bugs for a while.

There’s only so much time in any given day, but on the Pere Marquette you can truly make each hour count. And you can click on each of the images below to make them larger.

Pike on a Two-Hander

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Kevin’s not the only one fishing for pike with the two-hander.  Pike Fly Fishing Articles found this great video of Dan Mcguire using the big rod for pike in Minnesota.  If you click through to his other videos you can see him catching some nice walleye as well.

the rod, reel and line that changed Kevin’s fishing life

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Wow. Strong words. They are true though. I have been at Kevin’s altar, hearing him preach the good word about two-handed, overhead casting in open water, bombing accurate 80 foot casts all day every day for ten days in a row with no fatigue. Why depend on muscle when you can use mechanical advantage? Here me now!

On a ten day trip last year to Quetico Provincial Park in Canada, after fishing hard each day from sun-up to sun-down, the only thing that started to ache were the muscles used for stripping line. Other folks on the trip didn’t fair as well having to launch big streamers with their single-handers.

The TFO TiCr X 9′ 8wt with the two handed conversion kit is a long casting machine. Awesome for smallmouth, pike, steelhead and salmon in the surf, carp, wiper, striper, bluefish, pretty much anything where you have to make long casts into the wind over and over and over again. At 11′ 3″ long, paired with a Scientific Angler’s Mastery 360gr Skagit head, this rod is incredible. And TFO’s 375 Large Arbor reel is bombproof. Kevin has a dozen 375s that are in constant guide use and they are still going strong. Put a heavier Skagit head on the rod and you’re knocking out spey casts, swinging streamers for steelhead on the river. Take the conversion kit off and you’ve got one of the best 9′ 8wts on the market at your disposal.

Stay tuned for the raffle results.

Check out some of the fish Kevin has caught on this setup over the last year or so. I love that first picture.  Click on all of them to enlarge.

Big thanks to TFO and SA who were very generous in donating to our cause.

River Mouth Report

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Kevin was out on Friday fishing the river mouth.   Started out slow but picked up steam and by the end of the day things were hot.  Nice mix of pike and smallmouth, with one pig smallie to hand.  Ran into a drop-back steelhead that spooked before they could get a cast to it.

All the way from the top to the bottom, that’s how Indigo Guide Service rolls.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

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