Pere Marquette fishing report- June 18th

No News Update Friday. The fishing was too good yesterday.

The fishing has been very good on the entire Pere Marquette system. From the bottom to the top, that’s how we roll. We started things off yesterday morning testing Steve’s new prop on his carp boat on Pere Marquette Lake, the mouth of the PM. He leaves for Beaver Island next week to join Kevin for the rest of the summer and the new prop is a big improvement. We jumped right up on plane and ripped across the lake even with 800 pounds of beautiful man meat on board. Yes, beautiful man meat. Of course this wasn’t just a joy ride, we had to probe the weed beds and drop offs with big Clousers for an hour or two as well. Caught a mess of little pike, a few nice smallmouth and a big bonus perch. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day to be on the lake.

At 3pm we headed up to float the lower river for pike and put a few nice fish in the boat stripping big Clousers out of the slack water close to the banks.

Then around 8pm we walked the trail and braved the swamp for what promised to be a very good Hex hatch. The hatch was good, but the fish never really got going. We still managed to pick up a couple 12″ fish and played with the big bugs for a while.

There’s only so much time in any given day, but on the Pere Marquette you can truly make each hour count. And you can click on each of the images below to make them larger.

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