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Pere Marquette fishing report -June 18th

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Last Thursday was quite eventful. Justin was up from Indiana for a couple days and we started out by hitting the lower river for some pike. The upper part of the section we floated is not known for great trout fishing. There are a lot of pike and it gets quite warm in the summer. But the trout that are there get pretty big, probably some of the biggest resident trout in the Pere Marquette. And about 10 minutes after the first cast, something big and brown and super aggressive blew up on Justin’s white Conrad Sculpin.

This is one of the biggest resident trout I’ve ever seen caught in the PM and it was really something to get it 10 minutes in. Congrats on a beautiful fish Justin. And nice river pike too.

We floated the upper river on Friday. The water was quite stained from some rain that rolled through the previous day so Justin threw streamers for a while and picked up a fish as soon as we switched over to white. They didn’t want black, yellow or olive.

Also picked up some fish on dries: small hoppers and the best fish of the day on a Isonychia spinner even though we didn’t start seeing any isos hatching until right before dark. Justin rolled two fish on a mouse. Water was just too stained I think for the mousing action to really get going.

One more thing that made Thursday so eventful was our first hex sighting of the year. With warmer weather in the forecast, we should start to see some decent hex hatches by the end of the week. We have some great dates still open for hex. Get ’em while they’re hot!

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Pere Marquette predators

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Mike and Ben and I hit the lower river yesterday afternoon for some pike and Ben stuck this above average river fish on a triple articulated ditch cougar. Then we went mousing in the upper river and rolled quite a few fish but didn’t stick any. One very large fish exploded on a mouse five times in a row. Pretty awesome action.

pere marquette pike

Wilderness pike and smallmouth

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Kevin left us for ten days up in Quetico, chasing big smallmouth and pike on the Canadian side of the Boundary Waters. I’m a little jealous. Here are some of Ian’s awesome pics from their trip up there in 2009. Expect another big pike/smallmouth fish porn dump here next week some time.

quetico fishingquetico fishingquetico fishingquetico fishingquetico fishingquetico fishingquetico fishingquetico fishingquetico fishingquetico fishing

The Pere Marquette Guide Life

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Kevin had several trips last week and even managed a day fishing with his daughter. Kevin reports that the steelhead fishing was good. Not super, but consistent and dependable, just the way he likes it. While a lot of people have switched over to the winter strategy of drifting egg and nymph patterns, Kevin he is still doing well on streamers. He has been covering his best runs quickly but thoroughly with moderately flashy streamers in the four inch range. Orange/black/blue flash, orange/yellow/gold flash (pictured below) and pink/black/purple & blue flash (pike photo) have been his best colors. He has got zero attention on chartreuse/black/green flash.