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What the brown trout puked up?

Monday, April 16th, 2012

We recently caught this really nice brown and it ejected this unknown creature.  What is it?

If you know or have a guess, head over to our FaceBook page and leave a comment.

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Pere Marquette fishing report -Feb 13th

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Winter fishing is a fickle thing. Though on the Pere Marquette, when and where you’re fishing matter a lot no matter what time of year it is. We have made contact with several steelhead over the past week or so on hex nymphs, 8mm beads, and hot’n’tots, but only today did the fish make it to hand for a little photo shoot. The fishing can be great or really crappy depending on where you’re fishing and what time of day it is. There seem to be good numbers of fish throughout the system, better concentrations in the upper river, but they are all over. You just need to find them in the mood to eat.

I fished the upper river for a few hours yesterday with the nymph rig and caught several decent trout including a big brook trout, something of an oddity for the Pere Marquette (great picture, I know), on clown eggs. I also stuck a nice colored up buck on a clown egg fishing the dark water around gravels.

At the same time, Kevin and Sweet Chili Martinez were fishing the middle river with an InFisherman camera crew and landed four steelhead, a coho, and several “very nice browns” on hot’n’tots. Let us pray there are pictures. Fishing report part II tomorrow? Hopefully.

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Pere Marquette fishing report -Feb 1st

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

The weather is weird here. It snows a bunch then it gets warm and everything melts. Repeat. The river has a nice stain right now from the fly water to the Big South. The ice has broken up in the lower river and the river below the Big South is most likely quite stained. With highs in the low 50s on Monday the steelhead and trout fishing has turned on. We heard the steelhead fishing was particularly good on Monday. Seth was up yesterday and we stripped streamers for trout and stuck a couple decent fish but we didn’t roll anything to get excited about. No luck with the steelhead, but others on the river had a little better luck.

It’s weird to head out and strip streamers for trout on Feb 1st and it’s pretty cool to stick a few, particularly after last year’s brutal winter. This weather will make for a strange winter and spring steelhead season as the fall and winter run fish will spawn as soon as the water warms up into the 40s, which it was very close to doing on Monday. There are some worked up gravels throughout the fly water, but we didn’t see any fish on them yesterday.

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Pere Marquette fishing report -January 17th

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Winter finally arrived here in northern Michigan last week with a good 6″+ of snow after weeks and weeks of freakishly warm weather. Steve and I were out the last two days, including yesterday in an all out blizzard which dumped at least another 6″ of snow, probably a good bit more but I’m so often accused of exaggerating snowfall amounts I’m playing it safe, and has brought in some colder temps. We were all so busy with other obligations during the warm weather since Christmas that we didn’t get a chance to fish much. Leave it to us to head out as soon as the weather turns harsh.

The lower river is finally starting to build some ice in the slower sections and some considerable slush. We had a tough day of it yesterday fishing in the blizzard. We didn’t stick one fish. Granted we didn’t fish nearly as hard as we might have on a nice day, but the lower river has been getting hit very hard by the meat hunters with the warm weather and if a section of river gets fished out it takes longer for fresh fish to move in this time of year. So let’s hope for some super cold weather and a nice protective layer of ice.

The upper river fished a little better on Monday with one steelhead and a few decent trout to hand over about 6 hours of fishing. Everything came on orange 8mm beads.

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