Iditarod by snowmobile

Time again for our annual Iditarod post.

With the top three racers moving up the coast almost together, it looks like Iditarod 2012 is heading for a close finish.  In 2005 I (Kevin) snowmobiled the trail with my wife Joan, friend Al and another guy named Dean who was invited to join us the night before we hit the trail.

The first photo is of me about to right Dean’s snowmobile as we approached Rainy Pass.  This snowmobile had a narrow track, sat high in the air and tipped over all the time.  I’m sure that I had to roll his machine back up a hundred times.  Joan and I would bet on how far he could go without tipping.  Check out the extra fuel cans.  In one village we had to beg for fuel at $11 per gallon.

The second shot is me and Al having a trail snack.  Take a look at the snack bottles that I’ve only seen mushers use.  Your hands are always filthy when your running dogs, so you fill bottles with trail mix and other snacks, then you can pour straight into your mouth.

Pic three is me standing in the trail somewhere along the coast.  No trees, no bushes, nothing but snow and sky, when it’s cloudy everything can be the same shade with just a narrow line at the horizon.  With just a light snow everything turns white, take a look at the photo near the bottom from last years post.  This coastal area often gave me headaches, I guess because my eyes didn’t have anything to focus on.

Last.  There’s no place like Nome!

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