Pere Marquette River Fishing Report -March 7th

Crazy weather and very good fishing.  The Indigo crew was in Chicago for the weekend but a few phone calls confirmed that the lower river was literally jumping with steelhead.  Even curmudgeonly guides like our buddy Walt Grau were excited about the fishing.  Walt said they lost one of the biggest steelhead he has ever seen and if you know Walt, he always pessimistically underestimates fish.  So somewhere on the PM there is a beast steelhead, maybe a 20+?

The fishing upstream, while not as hot as the lower river, is still very good.  There are steelhead on gravel, in holes, taking on the drift or hitting swung streamers.  The spring black stones are out and imitations are taking fish.  Walt says his best streamer has been a Walt’s Wobbler in blue, orange, gold and black.

PM river, michigan.Michigan steelhead fishing.

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