Pere Marquette fishing report – June 27th

Just a quick update- hex have been popping, but inconsistently as hex are wont to do. Good flights Saturday and Sunday, but last night, when I was actually on the river, they were few and far between. The hex water is still quite stained but coming down and clearing well. Some great iso hatches last night (see crappy pic below). I think they were I. bicolor but I’m not 100% on that. They got some fish going after dark on spinners. Paul and Cass were up from Ohio and put a handful of 10″ browns in the boat before dark on hoppers. These guys turned me on to Parodi cigars which was a nice bonus. Also, I think I need to start smoking a pipe while fly fishing. It just seems right. Weather is looking better and better for hex this week with highs in the 80s on Thursday and Friday.

michigan hexmichigan hex

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