Pere Marquette fishing report -Sept 21st

We’ve been getting a nice push of salmon over the last two days. They seem to be squirting up the lower river pretty fast, which means we should have good numbers of fish in the middle and upper river later this week and early next. We’re still managing to stick a few fish every day in the lower river on Thundersticks.

We cannot remind people too often that the Pere Marquette River is an entirely wild salmon fishery. This means that there are no hatchery salmon planted in the river. Our future generations of salmon depend 100% on the fish that are spawning right now. In order to protect this amazing fishery, please remember that females in particular must be released. It is depressing to see the short-term skein fishing trend increasing on the PM. With smaller runs of salmon each year, more people are switching to skein to put fish in the boat, selecting females over males to harvest in order to replenish their bait supply.

This is a certain recipe for the end of our fishery. The increased killing of more wild female salmon in an already declining fishery will be a quick nail in the coffin. Please, if you must harvest fish, harvest males only.

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