Pere Marquette fishing report- August 9th

Fishing for trout on the upper and middle river has been a bit slow, but hoppers and streamers brought a few fish to the boat over the past couple days and mousing is still a good option.  Though I should say that taking pictures of said fish with water on your lens is not advised.  Steve and I floated the lower river on Monday scouting for early salmon.  Didn’t find any.  But we did find a couple decent pike. Always a nice bonus. And yes, we’re eating well- spinach, walnut, and cranberry salad may sound fancy, but chips and brats only go so far.

Water temps in the lower river are 71 degrees and the lake temperature off Ludington is still quite warm, near 75 degrees.  We’re looking for good northerly winds for a few days and a decent rain event to get the big fish pushing upriver.  We’re on the water almost every day and will keep you posted.

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