News Update Friday

  • The Great Lakes are like a giant 7th grade biology experiment gone horribly wrong.  More studies on exotic pest/native (?) pest/native gamefish interactions released- Great Lakes Echo has the story as they usually do.
  • Rugged man, soft man.  Perhaps you saw this video about casting into the wind a few months ago on Field and Stream’s Fly Talk.  Turns out Kevin and Steve both like it very much.  Probably because they deal with a lot of wind up on Beaver Island.  Either that or they like the rugged man, soft man mantra.  I can see them in their place on Beaver Island in the morning: Kevin pours himself a cup of coffee and walks to the table where Steve is sitting reading the newspaper.  The fresh, yellow, nearly horizontal early morning Beaver Island sunlight streams through the blinds.  Kevin sits down and says “rugged man.”   Steve looks up and says “soft man.”  Entire conversations like this.  All day long.

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