Queen of the Island

Steve sends the following. Very lucky guy he is.

My wife came up to see me over the fourth. Beautiful weather, but the wind was rough for a couple days. The last day she was supposed to leave on the 11am ferry. The wind died flat, but with a fog you could eat with a fork. We went out first light anyway and headed to my “secret” spot that always holds carp. At 11am the ferry left and we were still on the water. The sun burned the fog off around noon and the carp got hungry. My bride, in all her glory, caught not one, but two carp, a goal she’s had for a long time. She was able to grab the 5:30pm ferry off Beaver Island. Having already landed the manliest of men (that would be me), she accomplished another life goal- catching some nice carp.

Nice Rio hat Toni. And Gus Macker shirt.

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