Pere Marquette River Fishing Report- April 8th

I’m happy to report better fishing on the PM. It looks like some fresh fish have finally found their way upstream. There are a few fish on gravel, a few fresh fish in the pockets near gravel and a few drop backs in the holes. Combined there are an ok number of fish to be found. I’m hoping and thinking that this will be the start to better things to come. We have to remember that Lake Michigan still has ice floating around.

Water temps are in the 40’s with the upper river getting clear and a bit of color in the mid sections. Water levels are around average.

The photos below are from a double trip with Steve yesterday where Jeff landed his 1st, 2nd and 3rd steelhead ever. I love the first photo, typical of a new fly fisherman to always want to grab the reel handle and stop a running fish. I can just here Steve, “don’t touch that reel”.

pere marquette fishing guides-1michigan steelhead-1


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