One Perfect Day

With a week of sun and warmer weather the Beaver Island fishing continued to improve each day. Steve and I both ended up with days off on an absolutely perfect day with just the slightest breeze, lots of sun and tons of shallow happy carp.

We hit the flats in the late afternoon and found fish tucked tight into the back of a big bay, just as shallow as they could go. The water was warm and the happy carp had no interest in leaving for colder deeper water. There were spawning groups here and there but plenty of non spawners slowly moving around between them.

We planned on taking turns off the front of the boat and had nothing to wade with. As things always work out, the fish we found were too shallow for boating and perfect for wading. Thankfully it was a mostly sand bottom, so we kicked off our shoes and jumped in.

Even trying experimental fly patterns we landed carp after carp, just wading around in our bare feet, what a perfect day.


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