pere marquette river fishing report- April 1st

The fishing over the past week has slipped from near great back to ok but all indications are that things will quickly improve again.

One indicator is that the PM is on the rise with recent warm weather and rapidly melting snow, rising water always brings new fish. We’ve also heard that lots of steelhead are being caught through the ice at the river mouth, telling me that there is a big push staging to head up. Another is that I’ve been boating a ton of super fat pre-spawn hens, that look like their ready to jump on gravel. Lastly is that the calendar is right for the big spring migration.

Water levels are high and dirty and it wouldn’t surprise me to see the river blow out and over the banks, even without rain. My tips would be to fish big and bright and make sure your on the bottom.

We landed a male the other day that had one of those perfect rose colored cheek patches, I could’t help but take a bunch of pictures of him.


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