The Morlock Flats Jig: Jigging for Carp on Beaver Island

This past year I collaborated with Gabe Hillebrand of Hill Brand Tackle to come up with a custom jig to target carp. The results were great. Here’s a selection from his blog:

“As we approached an archipelago of small rock pile islands, Steve cut the motor and we glided into position. With rod in hand, I stood on the bow scanning the 3-4 foot deep water for carp. All of a sudden I spotted them: four, all tail up, feeding on the bottom. I cast well beyond their position and ripped the new Morlock Flats Jig just under the surface, stopping so it would swing right under their nose. Jig out of site I felt nothing… not even the bottom. Suddenly my instincts bucked. My rod swung up and the line threw a spray of water as it tore through the glass-like surface of the lake. My reel whizzed as the hooked carp fled for the skyline. What a rush!”

Also, thanks to Gabe for the one of a kind experience at Stony Acre.  You’ll have to ask Gabe if you want the story.

You can read more here.


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