my best carp fly

You might remember a post some time back about designing new carp flies.  This winter I worked on several new ideas and headed to the island with a stuffed fly box and with few exceptions they’ve done well.

I was recently asked what my one fly would be if I had to choose and based on this season I’d go with the RockHopper.  It gets to the bottom quickly with the Sculpin  Helmet head doing an excellent job of keeping the hook oriented up.  This fly is very snag free.

The size and color combination accented in bright pink gets their attention from a distance and even better keeps them coming fast to suck it down.

Morlock’s Rockhopper (in tying order):
Hook: Mustad R74, size 4.
Tail 1: finn raccoon zonker in tan.
Tail 2: Centipede Legs, speckled orange in medium.
Tail 3: Flashabou Accent, grizzly in black/copper.
Body: Senyo’s Laser Dub in hot pink.
Underwing: Wapsi Palmer Chenille in medium, root beer (couple wraps)
Hackle: schlappen, black and brown tied together.
Outerwing: Flashabou Accent, grizzly in black/copper (6 or so strands tied around).
Head: Fish Skull, Sculpin Helmet in brown, small.

Note 1 – I use a dubbing-loop on the body.

Note 2 – Before I attach the Sculpin Helmet I pull the schlappen, palmer chenille and flashabou to each side making large, goby like, fins.  I then lightly coat the base of these materials with fingernail polish to keep them held in place.

Note 3 – After the fingernail polish has hardened, I dry fit the head, building up the thread until I have a solid fit.  Then apply a few drops of Zap-A-Gap and push the head in place.  I have never had one come loose.

Note 4 – I’ve also had luck using a bright orange body instead of the pink, estaz also looks good.

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