Pere Marquette fishing report -Dec 24th

Kevin sends the following report from last week:

With lingering mild weather and a few days off before Christmas, Paul and Sue called to see if it was worth driving up for a day of steelheading. The goal was a fun day on the water before winter really hits and hopefully a steelhead or two in the net.

What happened instead was a total pre-Christmas pig fest. While I have experienced several pig fests over my 12 years of guiding, most have involved a road trip to the buffet with Steve and Matt. I much prefer the coveted steelhead pig fest as it rarely involves heartburn, gas and moaning. Well, maybe some moaning.

Paul and Sue missed many more steelhead than they landed and they landed a bunch pitching plugs last Friday. The most impressive part of the day was the size of the fish. The smallest was about six and a half pounds and the largest was a 33″ monster that almost won the battle with Sue late in the day.

With perfect low light conditions for photography I couldn’t have been more disappointed when I dumped my camera. I expected great shots but got a total mess. I usually have my camera pre-set for average conditions but unfortunately I made a totally amateur mistake by forgetting to reset my camera from an extreme setting I was using a few days before. Sorry!

Paul, Sue and I must have been extra good in 2011 because Santa totally stuffed our net with lots of great steelhead.

The forecast is for this warmer weather to hold up for the next week or so. Great time to hit the Pere Marquette. Drop us a line if you want to book a trip.

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