Musky Country DVD giveaway contest extravaganza UPDATE

We have only received four entries for the contest. These four entries are, albeit, of an extremely high quality, but there are only four.

One of them happens to be from Chris Engle, outdoors writer for the Gaylord Herald Times and he’s actually running his entry in the paper. It will run this Saturday in the Herald Times and it will also run in next Wednesday’s Petoskey News Review. Pretty cool.

So we’re extending the deadline for the contest until November 15th. If you want a shot at a free copy of Musky Country, send us an explanation, matt AT thirdcoastfly DOT com, though as you can see, Chris is setting the bar pretty high. Check out an excerpt from Chris’ entry:

“The more likely scenario was that Uncle Arlen, drunk off his tail, fell for a fisherman’s trick of a late-night snack. Arlen, who brought illegal fireworks to every Fourth of July party and shaved a neighbor’s cat on more than one occasion, would’ve probably wanted to go out with a splash. One last fight to show the world he was worth something.”

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