contest giveaway extravaganza

As you know, we have a copy of Musky Country: Zero2Hero in our possession. And as you also may recall, we’re going to give that DVD away. Contest as follows:

One of Kevin’s clients caught an average male salmon about ten days ago. At first glance, there’s nothing too special about it, but upon closer inspection, this salmon is extremely weird. This fish exhibited something that none of us here at Third Coast Fly and Indigo Guide Service had ever seen before. We’ve seen it with dogs, but never salmon.

So click on the image below and take a good look at the full size picture and send us an email with the subject line “salmon contest” that includes your guess as to what makes this salmon so special and how it might have happened. Best “how it happened” story takes the DVD. And the “how it happened” story can be as creative as you like or you can make a compelling argument for how it really might have happened. Up to you. The story that strikes our fancy is the one that takes the DVD. So it’s pretty much random. But it’s worth a shot. Musky Country: Zero2Hero is a great movie.

Send your stories to matt [at] thirdcoastfly [dot] com Deadline is Nov 1st.

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