Pere Marquette fishing report -Sept 18th

Salmon are still quite thick in the holes here on the PM, but more and more are moving up on the gravels to spawn everyday. We’ve been in the middle river mostly, but reports are that Pere Marquette lake is full of fresh fish and they continue to enter the river every day.

Hot flies have been egg sucking sculpins, glow nuke eggs and Salmon Candy (aka the Sam & M, pattern coming soon). Competition for good holes was fierce over the weekend so making the most of a spot was critical. If the fish turn off, give them a break. If you hook a couple fish right away and then they slow down, rest them for 10 minutes.

Remember, crowds will start thinning out the first week in October, but the fishing should continue to be hot. Due to a recent cancellation, we have October 5, 6 and 7 open. Give us a call to take advantage of these great open dates.

pere marquette fishingpere marquette fishingpere marquette fishing

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