Carp Breakfast strikes again

Sure, it’s salmon season, but carp season isn’t over. We recently received an email from our friend Gary Krebs from the Tippecanoe Fly Fishers. You might remember Gary from a post in May, Gary and friends were slaying the carp in southern Lake Michigan on Kevin’s Carp Breakfast.

This email from Gary included a picture and story about his latest catch on the Carp Breakfast. Gary wrote: “Caught this monster asian ass carp, excuse me, grass carp, on, guess what, a Morlock Carp Breakfast!! Hahahahaha. 32 minutes to land him with an 8wt rod. He pulled our canoe up river with the anchor down several feet then would head down river. Man my arm was aching after that. What a great feeling. Thanks for such a great fly Kevin!”

As far as we know this is the first grass carp landed on the Breakfast.

In other Breakfast news, Rick Mikesell from Trout’s Fly Fishing shop in Denver listed the Breakfast as his favorite pattern for the recent TU Carp Slam tournament.

Tying directions for the Breakfast are on the Indigo site and the pattern is available for purchase through FlyMasters and FeatherCraft.

carp fly pattern

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