Night of the Hex

Robert Thompson was kind enough to send us copies of Night of the Hex and Musky Country the other day for review. I’ve watched both and they are awesome. Full reviews coming. But for now I’d just like to mention the frustration we’re feeling here on the Pere Marquette at the rather late beginning of hex season. We’ve been getting hit with rain and thunderstorms for the last two days. The bugs have been popping here and there and some people have hit it right, but mostly it’s been frustrating.

Not that this is much different from a typical hex season, as is clearly documented in Night of the Hex. Dodging thunderstorms is just part of hex season. But let’s hope for some clearer weather in the near future as the bugs are ready to explode.

If things stay in good shape, next week should be good. Check out the trailer for Night of the Hex.

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