Charlevoix steelhead

Kevin sends this over from a couple weeks ago.

Steve and I arrive in Charlevoix in late May about 9 am to catch the ferry to Beaver. When you bring over a vehicle, or in our case truck and boat/trailer, you have to get there more than an hour before the ferry departs.

With over an hour to kill we went on a walk around town and we walked through the marina. Steve said, “hey, that looks like a trout.” There were a dozen steelhead, lake trout and lake run browns swimming around this small area in the marina, just kind of cruising in a lazy circle in one area. I count six fish in the one picture, we guessed they ranged from 3 to 8 pounds. Then as we boarded the ferry, three nice sized salmon swam just off the bow.

Keep in mind that we were only in Charlevoix for an hour and it was late morning on a crystal clear day. What if?

For two guys that love trout and salmon and sight fishing it was brutally painful not to have any easily accessible gear or time to give this a shot. Maybe next year.

charlevoix steelhead charlevoix steelhead

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