Operation Michigan Tropical – day 3

Despite the rather healthy responsible consumption of adult beverages last Saturday night, we finally got into a rhythm Sunday morning and everybody was up and out by 9am. A true Beaver Island Miracle.

Will and Tim and I set out in the truck to Little Sand Bay and didn’t find any fish. Then we made the drive all the way to the south side of the island which offers some of the bigger vistas on the island. Large bluffs and sweeping bays and acres upon acres of flats. There was some very eerie fog rolling in and we nearly stepped on a fawn. It let out a rather shocking bleat and Will ran about twenty feet in a second. The aerial shot below is of the south side of the island. The large bay in the bottom right is Iron Ore Bay.

Unfortunately, after a mile or two of walking, we didn’t find any fish. So we hit the road again back to the Whiskey Point area and found a couple smallmouth who didn’t want to eat, oddly enough. Then we saw a carp. Then two. Then a group of four. Will had walked around two bays over and came running back, yelling for us to come over. He had found the mother lode.

These fish were spooky. So spooky that we blew them out of the bay just walking up to them about 50 feet out. Unfortunately I had to take the truck to pick up Caleb and JP so I left Tim and Will to it. Will put the stalk on them and finally got one to hand.

Caleb and JP got into some fish with Kevin and JP got some good footage for a short film he’s making about Beaver Island. Kirk and Bill were out with Steve on Sunday and Bill got his first carp on the fly. And he made sure to do it right bringing a chunker to the boat. Nice job Bill.

We repaired to Beaver Island Lodge for another very fine dinner and a very responsible number of adult beverages. Though JP and Will got the last two rib eyes. The rest of us had to settle for tenderloins. Another tough day on Beaver Island.

All photos below from Tim Romano.

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