Pere Marquette fishing report -Dec 21st

Steelhead fishing on the lower Pere Marquette is good right now. Despite coming very close to freezing over last week, with the warmer temps this week it’s open enough to fish. Steve’s been out the last few days and says low and slow is the way to go. Swinging flies has been producing fish, but be sure to get your fly down and let it hang after the swing for a couple seconds before casting again. The water is cold and the fish are lethargic. They aren’t moving very far or very fast to take a fly. Fred’s Ugly Bug was the most productive streamer and Kevin’s Basic Bucktail produced as well.

Steve has also fished egg patterns over the last few days with chartreuse/red dot, chartreuse/egg halo nuke, and clown being the most effective.

All ramps are usable except MacDougal’s. 4 x 4 is recommended for getting into Gleason’s and Walhalla.

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