Plugging with Steve Martinez

Much like early kings, winter steelhead respond a lot better to crank baits, “plugs” in the industry vernacular. And while we certainly catch steelhead all winter on flies, if you’ve got a tough bite going or if you’re simply trying to learn water, back plugging is the way to go. Back plugging is when you drop plugs downstream of a stationary boat and let the current do all the work. You slowly make your way down a run in this manner. It is one of the best ways to cover water and entice an otherwise reluctant fish to bite.

Our own Steve Martinez, while a regular Chi Chi Rodriguez with the fly rod, is also quite the plugging guru. He has an article about back plugging for winter steelhead in the latest issue of Great Lakes Angler. Check it out on newsstands now.

Thirdcoastplug Thursday.

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