Pere Marquette Hex Nymphs

Steve Martinez fishes a couple different Hexagenia nymphs for fall, winter, and spring steelhead, though he finds that simpler is often better. He ties a Rabbit Strip Hex pattern in about four minutes and it catches fish. If you want to get a bit fancier, the Wiggle Hex is a good option and the bright, contrasting head often gets a fish’s attention perhaps because they think it’s an egg?

Rabbit Strip Hex:

hook- TMC 5262 #6-8
tail- ginger zonker strip (trimmed thin to win)
body- cream or tan dubbing
rib- gold or copper tinsel
wing case- turkey or pheasant tail
thorax- dark brown uv dub
hackle- grouse

Wiggle Hex:

front hook- TMC 105 #6
rear hook- cheap nymph hook, cut at bend when done
tail- pheasant
abdomen- light cream or rust dubbing on rear hook
thorax- darker than abdomen
wing case- wide cut flash, e.g.saltwater Flashabou
hackle- grouse philo plume (or fuzzy part of small hackle)
head- orange or bright color UV dubbing (personal preference)
small mono eyes (optional)
10-20lb braid for hook to hook connection

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