Pere Marquette Fishing Report- salmon- Oct 10th

We have good numbers of fish all over the gravel in the middle and upper river.  There are still good numbers of fish in holes as well.   Looks like salmon season will continue to roll on for a couple weeks.  Nuke Eggs have been by far the best flies with steelhead orange under white and steelhead orange under chartreuse the best colors for me.  We’ve been having salmon slam streamers as well.  The first swing of Steve Martinez’ version of a Whoa Nelly streamer, orange and white, through some dark water behind a gravel this morning yielded a big rip, a big fish jumping out of the water, a screaming drag and then a slack line.  Such is life.

The weather has been incredible and the fall colors are intense.  Fishing pressure has really dropped off over the last week as well.  It’s a great time to fish for salmon on the Pere Marquette River.

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