Michigan Carp Fishing Report- June 8th

I’m back from Idaho.  Let the parade of big fish begin.  I promised some hot giant trout on carp on smallmouth action and I do not plan to disappoint.  Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until Monday and Tuesday for the trout and smallmouth because we have News Update Friday, one of the indisputable pillars of this fine website, on the docket for tomorrow.

Please brace yourself for some very large fish.  The carp pictured below is a tanker for sure, and the trout on Monday are truly impressive, but wait until Tuesday’s toad smallmouth.  What a pig.

Kevin and Steve spotted a 200 yard long shoal just off the islands on their way across and thought it looked pretty fishy.  They were right.  They walked the narrow spit of rock and caught several nice fish.  While these carp may very well have never seen a fly, they were still picky.  That’s carp fishing.  They wanted either orange or black, nothing else.  Anderson’s Hammerhead was Kevin’s best producing fly.  Kevin has weighed several fish in the mid thirty pound range and the big fish below was a good bit larger than those.

There are still some spots left for guided carp on the fly in one of the coolest places in the world.  Drop us a line if you’re interested. And don’t forget about the meeting tonight in Cadillac: 7 p.m.Thursday, June 10, at the Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing Center, 6093 E. M-115, Cadillac.

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