black leech with sculpin helmet by Steve

We were reminded of the presence of leeches in the flooded vegetation around the islands after several of the devils attached themselves to our legs. This inspired Steve to whip up a leech pattern, knowing that fish love eating leeches as much as leeches love eating us.

Shank – 10 mm Fish-Skull articulated shank.
Tail – black marabou.
Body – black schlappen palmered up shank.
Hook – Daiichi 1530, size 6.
*Secure shank to hook.
Body – black schlappen palmered up shank.
Flash – black Flashabou, tie in 3 strands then palmer schlappen feather.
*Use schlappen to build base for Sculpin Helmet.
Head – glue black Fish-Skull Sculpin Helmet.

lake michigan carp flies-9526

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