A Tail of Two Tailers

During the recent outing with Lance and Lou from Outcast Anglers we got into two days of awesome trailers, as I mentioned a few posts back. On each day we had the chance to put a dozen to twenty casts on two different trailers that were just rooten’ away.

On both occasions I kept moving the boat closer, to the point that we could see exactly where the fly was settling in relation to the carp. Finally both carp jumped on the fly like it was the bast thing they had ever seen, but only when the fly was put within six inches exactly in front of their nose.

Both carp were dark and as I’ve mentioned (Carp Yin and Yang) in the past, dark carp are much less observant and your presentation has to be spot on. If a tailing carp simply keeps tailing after you’ve put the fly past, don’t even think for a minute that it’s not interested, it just hasn’t seen your fly. If a tailing fish sees your fly it will react, it may not eat but it will always stop tailing and will usually move toward the fly for a better look.

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