Weathered Out

This winter has made most things a struggle and interrupting travel plans has unfortunately been one of those things.  Steve and I were supposed to head down to Saint Louis where we were invited to talk carp with the Gateway Trout Unlimited Chapter.

This is the first event that either Steve or I have missed and we’re sorry that it had to be this one.  As well as meeting new people at the Trout Unlimited event we were looking forward to seeing all of our friends at Feather-Craft.

As far as other upcoming events, this Saturday I’ll be tying carp and steelhead flies in the fly tying department at the Cabela’s store in Dundee.

Then on Wednesday, February 12th I’ll be giving a presentation on streamer fishing for steelhead at the Indianapolis Fly Casters.  For more information please click here.

Here’s to better weather for the rest of this winters travels.

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