StealthCraft 16 ATB- First Launch

I mentioned back in August that I had a new boat under construction. I picked up the StealthCraft 16 ATB (All Terrain Boat) about a month ago and my family and I put it in the water for a test row.

The boat looks sharp with a cool woven pattern that is covered with spatters in other colors. I like not having a solid colored boat because it hides the inevitable dirt and scratches.

Working with the guys at StealthCraft I was able to customize the interior layout and get everything just as I wanted. I think this personal customizing is a huge advantage, versus getting a boat fit out as the manufacturer wants. The end result, I now have a boat exactly the way I need it.

Now the part I’ve been unsure of, this boat is really big, I’m guessing 30 to 40 percent larger than my last boat. The ATB is also a hi-bred, designed to plane with a motor but still row. As everyone knows, when you try to make a tool do two jobs it usually does both poorly.

While the boat was lightly weighted with my 9 year old and wife, it rowed well, though I still needed to see how it handles a couple big guys.

Since this first launching, the boat has been used full time and I’ll follow up soon with a full report.

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