Feather-Craft “Meat Locker” Fly Box

This season I switched all my carp flies into a Feather-Craft “Meat Locker” Fly Box and love it.  A much better system then my usual three or four small boxes and always having the wrong one.

The box is rock solid and easy to open and close.  It has been in boat splash and rain and stays bone dry.  Though what I like about the Meat Locker box most is the foam on the outside of the box.  As I switch flies, I just put the soaked flies on the outside of the box until dry.  A much better system than boat foam that just becomes a collection of unwanted, rusty flies.  Also, if we switch from boat to wading I still have the wet flies with me, in case I want to switch back.

At $29.95 the Meat Locker is a great box, I cannot think of one bad thing to say about it.

Carp fly.

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