News Update Friday

  • “In addition to the demise of the neatly tapered whip finish, most of us 99%’ers require a plastic container and paper label extolling the leaden nature of Grandma’s Fruit Cake – so we can tell how many slices we’ll have before the Type IV Diabetes klaxon summons the Gendarmes”.
  • Great interview with Pete from Fishing Jones in This is Fly about his recent book The Blitz, featuring some great photos from Tosh Brown, also the editor of said book and of books generally at Departure Publishing.
  • One last reminder: watch Conway Bowman catch big carp and check out Beaver Island with Indigo Guide Service on the Sportsman’s Channel on Fly Fishing the World: TODAY, Friday at 9am and tomorrow, Saturday 12/17 at 7:30pm. Teaser here.

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