The terminals at Third Coast Fly Headquarters/Matt’s house have shit the bed. There’s no delicate way to put it folks, when two computers are simultaneously bricked, so you’ll have to pardon my language. But I hope this explains any unfortunately deviation from the regularly scheduled high quality programming you’ve come to expect from Third Coast Fly. As I will not be getting a new computer for approximately another 15 days, there may be more unscheduled interruptions.

So right now I’m over at Kevin’s house blarging away on his Mac (I know, what a fanboy), listening to he and his dad raise a shed in the back yard. Literally. I also borrowed his paved driveway to work on my car this morning. But have no fear. I went fishing yesterday and we’ll have a full report tomorrow. The fishing is good. Let’s just put it that way.

In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of Kevin raising a shed.

pere marquette guide

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