Operation Michigan Tropical – photos by Bill Konway

Day 1 of Operation Michigan Tropical began somewhat ominously in Traverse City with very high winds and rain. Bill Konway, JP, Caleb and myself made it to Charlevoix to catch the ferry to Beaver Island with about 10 minutes to spare. The Colorado contingent, on the other hand, had their flight from Denver cancelled and limped into Traverse City late last night and should arrive today.

We met Kevin and Steve at the docks yesterday and they were still wearing waders from their morning scouting mission. They had found carp. Unfortunately, it was super windy, gusting to 30mph. We got settled at Beaver Island Lodge and hit the flats. The high winds and reluctant carp made for a challenging couple hours. Steve did manage a toad 6lb smallmouth but no one got a picture. During a media outing? Dude.

Luckily Bill Konway saved the day by taking some awesome photos. Check them out on our Facebook page.

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