Pere Marquette steelhead streamer -Foxxy Brown

The Foxxy Brown is Steve’s easy to tie brown trout imitation.  It’s been proven on steelhead and I’m sure the big browns and salmon would eat it as well.

Hook… spey style hook, size 4 to 6
Tail… red fox tail, inner fur
Body… ice chenille, root beer
1st Ribbing… red tinsel
2nd Ribbing… gold tinsel
Under Wing… red and gold tinsel used for ribbing
Over Wing… red fox tail, hairs with black and gray tips
Head… build up a nice head with thread

Steve ties the second tinsel on the opposite side of the hook from the first, this makes it easier to have them fall next to each other and not overlap.

Steve sometimes omits the tail and hasn’t decided which version he prefers.

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