Pere Marquette steelhead streamer -Fred’s Ugly Bug

Fred Davidson is a long time Pere Marquette angler and friend of Indigo. Fred’s Ugly Bug has been producing well so far this winter. Fred ties them on a long shank streamer hook like the TMC 300. Indigo guide Steve Martinez converted Fred’s fly to a tube version using an aluminum rivet. The aluminum rivet has a bit of weight and a flat head that really makes the materials pulse. Steve watched Aaron McDaniel use rivets at a Northern Kentucky Fly Fishers meeting and has used the idea since.

Tube… aluminum rivet (pin removed) glued over plastic tube- glue and insert plastic tube that will fit inside the rivet, a Q-Tip shaft often works. Trim to length and mushroom end near a flame.
Tail… marabou
Body… estaz
Legs… rubber legs
Under Wing… tinsel
Over Wing… small zonker strip
Inner Collar… crystal polar chenille
Outer Collar… cross cut rabbit

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