11th Annual FFF Tying Expo

The Great Lakes Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers 11th Annual Fly Tying Expo was a great success again this year. For the Indigo crew, Steve, Kevin, Joan, and Aaliyah were in attendance. The expo is an invitational fly tying event that brings together some of the Midwest’s best fly tying talent. The crew ran into many friends and likely learned a few tricks from many of them. A few of the headliners that attended this years Expo were Jeff (Bear) Andrews, Chris Helm, Dennis Potter, Ray Schmidt, and Julie Nielson.

This year Kevin and Steve featured some of their Great Lakes carp flies. This time the youngest and not the newest member of the team got busted with a donut, “no Dad, I wasn’t eating this donut… I… was just holding it for Steve.” A poorly constructed alibi from the youngster. She had very incriminating powdered sugar all over her face and nothing is going to distract Steve while he’s eating a donut.

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