Feeding Frenzy

Kevin sends along this fascinating story:

If you spend a lot of time in the outdoors, you might be lucky enough to observe moments rarely seen by casual visitors. Sometimes you are lucky enough to be there when something wonderful happens, like a young eagle leaving the nest for the first time or a newborn fawn nuzzling it’s mother, a gorgeous sunset between two mountain peaks through ice fog at thirty below zero or twenty-five foot waves crashing the rocky shoreline of Lake Superior. One morning I had a grouse fly from the brush just feet away from my customers as a gosh hawk rocketed in for the kill, only to spot us at the last minute and fly away, the lucky grouse escaping safely.

Then other times there are the raw moments that leave you a bit unsettled. I once found a small dog collar below a bald eagle nest. I envisioned a couple forever wondering what happened to their beloved fluffy. Or the time I watch with binoculars as a fawn was brought down by two coyotes which began to feed before the animal’s last breath. The deer looked back with twisted neck and wide eyes in terror as they tore into its hindquarters.

But it was only last week when I witnessed a horrifying and gruesome act, a frenzy of feeding that left this veteran of the outdoors truly and finally shaken. Somehow I had the composure and instinct to reach for my camera. Click on the “continue reading” link to view the image. Though you should be warned, it is only for the strong of stomach.

Yes, that’s me eating a doughnut. Please note how I closed my eyes, like any good predator, to avoid the bone shrapnel.

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