Special Saturday Salmon Update

Big news folks- first ever Saturday post on Third Coast Fly… and for good reason.  The weather has been great for getting the salmon moving and move they did.  Waves on the big lake pushing ten feet on Friday night, winds gusting to forty knots, temps in the fifties and rain rain rain.  PERFECT.

The Pere Marquette River is up a few inches and stained, visibility in the lower river is about two feet.  Kevin made a long float on the lower river yesterday and saw a lot of fish moving.  They wanted hot, bright colors and they wanted them retrieved a little faster than normal.  The next few days should be great salmon fishing on the PM.  And remember, the salmon fishery on our river is 100% wild, so the more fish that spawn this year the more fish we get back in four years.

Some of our guides have openings over the next few days, so if you wanted to get up and hook into some of these hot fish, drop us a line.

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