The Lost World of Mr Hardy

The Pere Marquette River is as low as it’s been in quite a while, but we saw a lot of salmon moving tonight. Even hooked into one which promptly whooped my ass. Some much needed rain and a cold front are pushing through tonight and more fish should be moving into the system over the next few days.

And so here we are, right in the thick of early salmon, and along comes an email from the makers of The Lost World of Mr Hardy, a movie exploring the origins, history, and philosophy of Hardy Fly Fishing, the original tweed and split cane set. Well, we’re the original camo jacket, two-stroke and T14 set, but we appreciate quality gear and quality movies and I certainly wouldn’t mind owning a Perfect myself.

Turns out The Lost World of Mr Hardy will soon be available in the US. Looks to be a well made movie and something to check out for anyone interested in the history of fly fishing and of rods and reels generally. We’ll have a full review up in the next couple weeks. For now, check out the trailer. And don’t forget, you need to put oil in that gas.

The Lost World of Mr Hardy (trailer) from Trufflepig Films on Vimeo.

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