Carp Baseball

Most people are reluctant to leave a group of fish when sight fishing. Most carp fishing is sight fishing and most carp fisherman often waste most of a perfect day flogging fish that have no interest in eating. Kevin says that he has almost resorted to physical force to get clients to leave carp that won’t eat.

The fact that a group of carp can be completely uninterested in eating, while a half mile down the coast they’re willing to take just about anything, was the inspiration for carp baseball: throw three good presentations with your first fly choice, if there is no positive response change to another one of your top choices. Three batters (flies) with three strikes (uninterested fish after a good presentation) and you’re “out-of-there” and off to another spot with hopefully more interested carp.

Oh, and when you’re not playing carp baseball, you can join in other suitably American Beaver Island festivities like the apparently very fun 4th of July celebration.

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