Guide Series Seal of Disapproval: Asian carp

slimy neoprenes

Sung to the tune of the Folger’s song: the best part of waking up, is wet neoprenes in your nose.  The Guide Series Seal of Disapproval (GSSD) is when we slap someone or something across the face with said wet neoprenes.

We at Third Coast Fly are big fans of Great Lakes Echo, a not for profit Great Lakes environmental news outlet.  They will never earn the GSSD.  They are running a pretty fantastic series of photos submitted by users called Carp Bomb wherein you photoshop a picture of an asian carp into some other image and hilarity ensues.  Being that the threat posed by Asian carp to our favorite watersheds is so great, it is only fitting that they receive the first wet, sloppy, stinky slap of the neoprenes right across their stupid fish faces.  Take that, Asian carp.

If you have any carp bombs, please send them to the Echo.

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