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Best Hat Ever — 12wt. Trucker

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

A few weeks ago I tried on one of 12wt.’s Trucker hats and knew from the second it nestled onto my head that it was the best hat I’ve ever worn. The key feature has to be that it is light, maybe half the weight of other hats. It keeps me cool on hot days with the breathable mesh and the band must be something special because it stays-put in the wind better than other hats.

The underside of the brim is black velvet and is very nice to rub with your fingers, especially when the fishing is tough.

best hat ever

Adipose Boatworks Seats

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

Mike Ward from Adipose Boatworks¬†and star of the hit Tenkarpa movie fished with us a few weeks ago. When he got in my boat I asked him how he liked my new seats, with a smile he said that they were nice but he’s seen better. What do you know, a week after Mike left, seats showed up for both Steve and I.

Great seats, they have a special foam that doesn’t compress and go flat over time. They also have a rock solid back, Steve’s old seats had the wimpiest backs and he kept thinking they were going to snap off and he’d end up with a customer in his lap, not a problem anymore.

If your interested in upgrading to a top notch pair of boat seats call Mile at Adipose, or better yet, just order a new Adipose skiff.

adipose boat works

The Reel Winder

Monday, May 4th, 2015

Our friend David Humphries is kicking-off a KickStarter campaign to help manufacture and market a line changing and organizing tool, here is a link to the Reel Winder Kickstarter page.

Dave gave me a prototype of the Reel Winder several years ago and I’ve been happily using it ever since. While I’ve always dreamed of having thirty rod and reel combos, always set up and ready to go, this has never been the case. Instead, like most people, I’m always changing out fly lines.

The Reel Winder allows me to quickly swap-out lines without the twists you get from hand winding. Then I label and toss the inexpensive Reel Winder spool in a box where it’s ready to quickly respool next time I need it.

I love my Reel Winder and if something happened to it I would immediately purchase another.

SmithFly Intruder Jacket

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

Need a new mid weight jacket? How about a jacket that can do everything, plus it is loaded with fly fishing features. You can find more info on the Intruder Jacket and other products over at SmithFly.