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Pere Marquette River Fishing Report- April 24th

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Cold wet weather with hot fishing.

Our high water levels brought in the expected push of fresh steelhead and the steelhead and browns have been feeding like pigs. We’ve caught oodles of nice browns just behind the spawning steelhead, including the 27″ pictured below.

We’ve been fishing big, bright double egg rigs with the high dirty water. Though things will change now that the PM River is getting almost back to normal.

It sounds like there is another batch of new steelhead heading our way, so there’s still a chance to get into this hot action.

Big brown trout from the Pere Marquette River.

Pere Marquette River Fishing Report- March 1st

Friday, March 1st, 2013

There is no question that it’s still winter in west Michigan but with the ice sickles dripping a bit more each day, spring seems right around the corner.  The PM River is in great shape with water levels about perfect and just enough color.  As is the case each spring, water temps will remain cold until most of the snow has melted.

Steelhead reports from the river have been excellent.  Below are a few pictures from Steve’s float a few days ago.  They covered water quickly with streamers and while they didn’t move any steelhead they did get into several nice trout including the 22″ below.  Even though Steve didn’t get into any steelhead with streamers when he had his cammera, streamers are still producing steelhead.  This will likely end as soon as spring breaks and the steelhead hit the gravel, focusing their feeding interests to eggs and nymphs.

Fly fishing in Michigan.Pere Marquette River for salmon, steelhead and brown trout.Fly fishing for salmon, trout and steelhead.

Muskegon River Fishing Report- April 29th

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Steve sent the following:

I fished the trout opener this weekend on the Muskegon River with Carston and Annie from South Africa.  All in all it was far from a horrible trout opener.  We managed a few hookups on steelhead, netting one and the trout fishing was really good.

Annie caught a really nice brown right off the bat and Carston followed up with a big rainbow, this was along with a gob of smaller ones.  It kept us busy.

We started at Croton Dam on Saturday floating down to Thornapple, saw a few steelhead but not many.  Sunday was Thornapple to New Bridge, same scenario with us landing some good browns but there were less steelhead.

Fly fishing in Michigan.Fly fishing for steelhead in Michigan.Fly fishing for salmon, trout and steelhead.

Pere Marquette River Fishing Report- April 18th

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

The steelhead fishing is still idling at ok.  There are enough spawners around to have some action but that is about it.  What has been spicing up the days is a good number of drop-backs moving down river.  These rebrightened hens are eager and aggressive, a lot like fishing the fall.

The river is up a bit and has some color since the recent rains.  I also heard that there are some new fish heading upstream, let’s hope this is more than a rumor.

The browns have been hot or cold.  More cold for me lately but Steve did great stripping streamers a few days ago.

Fishing in Baldwin Michigan.Pere Marquette River, Manistee River and Muskegon River.Fish Baldwin.Fly fishing for salmon, trout and steelhead.